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© 2017 Cristina Ruggiero


While growing up I always felt a very strong connection to nature.  I remember as a child feeling such a sense of wonderment contemplating the simplest things.  Feeling such awe watching a spider knit its web, or those strange looking snails and dragon flies busy with their lives around our garden or finding so much beauty in the tiniest of flowers.  As an artist,  nature continues  inspire my work becoming the strongest, continuous thread woven throughout the fabric of my paintings. 

It is my deepest hope that my art will help inspire and heighten  the viewer own connection to nature and find their own sense of wonderment at the beauty in the simplest things around them. 


Since earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from Ball State University. Muncie, IN.  May 1990, Cristina Ruggiero has participated in multiple solo and group exhibits, as well as developing and teaching Healing Art classes for Palliative Care and Patient Advocate nurses and staff at hospitals in both Lafayette, Indiana and Indianapolis Indiana. 

Cristina currently resides and works at her studio in Pasadena, California

Her work has been featured in several newspapers and monthly publications including Arts Indiana, PBS’s WIPBTV “Across Indiana.” and most recently Mapping the Artist, Interviews with Artists and Poets, ColoradoBoulevard.net. 

Prior to moving to California July, 2013 

Cristina owned her own studio and gallery "OFf Main Arts" Elwood, IN

Was member Artist at Sugar Creek Art Center, Thorntown, IN and 

Athen's Art Gallery and Studios, Crawfordville, IN